I've always been self conscious and dealt with self esteem issues. However my fitness and health journey have brought me self esteem, satisfaction with my body image, lasting friendships and so much more. I created Studio B.O.S.S. so that I could help women do just that. We aren't a women only facility but as a woman I resonate with what you are feeling, your struggles and your desires. Studio B.O.S.S. is your new safe haven, a place you can feel at home, feel comfortable in your own skin. Here you will find others struggling with the same issues, finding joy in the journey. A place you can bring your kids and let them play while you work off some stress. Certified Instructors, Nutritionist and a Massage Therapist that are here to help you in anyway they can. Bring your mom, your daughter even your grandmother and walk this new journey to health and fitness together along with us.