New Year, New You Transformation!

It’s true.  We are all busy, tired and overwhelmed…

Always working or having somewhere to be… (sports practice again?)

Never feeling like you are really on top of things… (how long has that laundry been there?)

How much “me” time do you really get?  If you could wave a magic wand, you’d get the perfect schedule that allows you to get in your workout, make healthy meals for you and your family and spend quality time with them as well (did someone say Netflix?)

You want to feel great and wake up with energy to spare, excited about your day and feeling amazing in everything you put on.

Sometimes life is so crazy you barely have time to get a shower and rush out the door, much less workout and plan healthy meals.

So, where is your magic wand?    Maybe you need more accountability and support.    Doing it alone is hard.

I’m here to tell you that you actually DO have a magic wand right at your fingertips!  .  It’s called Studio B.O.S.S.!!!  At Studio B.O.S.S. we work hard to help you be healthy, lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle with energy and stamina. Our Certified Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors  and Nutritionist are here to help you.  Our classes are fun and will leave you feeling amazing and excited for your next workout.  A new lifestyle will become yours.  We are a supportive family with a little crazy thrown in for good measure.  LOL!!!

I know just how much we need support and accountability to help us stay the course.  It’s one of the reason I opened the Studio, to help ME stay on track.  You see, with friends, everything is easier!

I was an overweight, out of shape, homeschooling mom who thought I had no time for my health.  I was an avid couponer who drank Mountain Dew all day and munched on Cheetos.  I’ve transformed my life as well as my families and I am here to help you transform yours.

Together we can create a lifestyle of energy, exercise you enjoy and tons of support (even with your food!) where you will look and feel amazing!

Imagine putting on your favorite skinny jeans, letting your hair down and feeling confident as you go out on a date!


New Year, New You Transformation!

~ lose weight safely

~ gain energy & sleep better

~ build confidence while you shed fat

~ learn how to eat clean on a budget, yes it can be done!

~ gain strength and discover you can do you things you never thought you could!

~ create a lifestyle you love and that loves you back!



Month of January – Unlimited Group Fitness classes for only $50

Continuing Unlimited Group Fitness Membership at only $65 a month

No registration fee

1 – 30 Minute Appointment with Health Coach & Chef – Heather Gill to discuss your health goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Cook Book – Downloadable PDF – Will be delivered to your inbox


WHEN:  Starts January 1st

WHERE:  Studio B.O.S.S.

COST:  $50 for the first month $65 for every month there after.

New Year New YOU Transformation
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Here are what some of our beloved clients have to say about Studio B.O.S.S.

Karen W.    ~   “Since May I have lost 7 pounds in 3 months and have gained strength to actually skip!! This may not sound like a lot to some of you but I continue to deal with a rare thyroid cancer which zaps my energy and radiation which has caused a great deal of pain with activity. Exercise was not something I could do at a gym but Studio Boss has worked with me and encouraged me even when I couldn’t make it to classes for a variety of reasons. I am grateful for not only the weight loss and strength gain but also the sense of community within each class. I thank God for leading me here!!”

April G.   ~   ” Since I started with Studio Boss in May, I have not only had weight loss, but increased energy, stamina, and overall increased flexibility and mobility. Studio Boss has become a Safe place for me to workout, without feeling judged, or sub par. Every week I am encouraged to push myself at my own speed, and every week I notice I have gone further than the week before. My only regret is not joining sooner.”

Jane M. ~ ” When I started with Studio Boss a month ago I couldn’t finish segments of the workout sessions, I couldn’t jump up off my feet and to do simple jumping jacks were exhausting. Last night all that CHANGED!!I punched to the left and when I usually stay planted before I punch to the right I JUMPED! Both feet left the ground! I’m so excited and thankful for the friendships and encouragement I have received being apart of Studio B.O.S.S. they have made a difference for me that NO GYM membership has ever done. I sleep better, I feel stronger, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be in 6 months with this kind of results in 1! Is it easy NO is it worth it YES!!”

Cherry R. ~ ” I joined Studio B.O.S.S. 6 months ago. Whatever your fitness needs are, this center has it covered with 7 to 8 different types of group classes. All instructors are certified in their specialty. I’ve lost 8 lbs BUT more importantly, I’m more physically fit.”

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