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Lindsay: “I started studio boss as a trial thing. I was looking for something I could stick to and be motivated to continue working. The genuine encouragement and help I have found is second to none. I truly believe this is a place anyone can start their health journey at. The people are so kind and fun to be with. I am in my 5th month and my husband now attends class too!!! If you want to start a successful journey to better health and start living a more fulfilling life please check them out!!!”

Jess:  I joined hoping to lose my baby weight without falling into the pit of over-exercise, disordered eating, and low self esteem that I previously had battled. Before my baby, exercise was all about “burning calories” and staying as thin as possible. I constantly had issues with overuse injuries, malnutrition, and other health issues related to my obsession. Additionally, I NEVER liked the way I looked and always felt sadness and shame on the inside, no matter how thin I looked on the outside to other people.

Fast forward about a year and a half. During this time, I was blessed with pregnancy; the pregnancy was high-risk and I was instructed not to do any sort of moderate or intense exercise, or else I would risk losing the baby. Taking this time off from my “addiction” helped me step away and realize that my lifestyle wasn’t healthy, and that I wasn’t exercising to be strong or fit, which really defeated the purpose of exercise.
When my son was a little over 3 months old, I was dealing with some tough post-partum depression. I was in a very dark and dangerous spot. I had never been this “big” in my life. I loved my baby boy, but I didn’t love myself. I cried every time I looked in the mirror. I missed my “sick” body.
Kevin had been posting on Facebook about teaching classes at Studio BOSS, and I finally decided to get up and try it out. His class was amazing! (Although I was quite sore after not exercising for so long). I was excited about becoming active again, but I was worried about how I would be able to get into a good routine without overdoing it, and how to manage coming to class while caring for an infant.
I was so thrilled to meet Stacie and learn that her sweet teenaged daughter Lily would be happy to watch my son while I attended her classes.
Now I am 6 months postpartum, and have been attending classes 3-4 times a week. My life has been CHANGED. I know for certain I’ve “lost the baby weight” but I haven’t even stepped on a scale to know exactly how much because the number honestly doesn’t even matter to me. I look better, my clothes fit better, and I’m much stronger than I ever thought possible. (And my husband tells me I look better now than I ever did before the baby!!)
Most of all, I feel so much better. The dark cloud of negative body image has disappeared. I love myself again. I love my life again. To me, Studio BOSS has been so much more than a “gym.” It’s truly been a ministry to me. I look forward to my continuing growth as a healthier, happier, and stronger person.

Jessica: I can finish the eight rounds of cardio during the strength class and not feel like I’m going to die. Even a month ago was hard for me!

Jesi: So in September of 2017 I did the Tough Mudder full 10 miles and 20 ish obstacles. The only obstacle that I had to skip was the funky monkey. This an incline monkey bars 13 rungs, then you transition to a couple of round things that spin you have to hold on to and then from there you grab something and swing to a platform. I was not happy about skipping it but did not want to grab one bar and fall in to the water just to have to swim and hold people up even more. So my goal for this September when I do this event again is to at least make it through the monkey bars part which is half of the obstacle. I have since tried some regular monkey bars and 2 weeks after the event I could make it 2 now about a week ago I made it 10!! So small but makes me smile and proud. I am happy with my weight I am ready to gain strength!!

Tanya:  My shoulders have always been weak and now I’ve noticed I am able to do more pushups each time and Now I’m doing more and more of them on a stability ball! 

Kurt:  I’m loving your classes (in reference to S.W.A.T). They’re exactly what I need for giving me just enough weights to build muscle, but you incorporate moves that I would never even think to do in the gym on my own, and they engage my weak muscles I used to never touch. I am amazed by how much more stability and mobility I have.

Lorraine: “I was here from California visiting my sister for two weeks. Looked for somewhere to work out with some kind of class that would challenge me. I’m so happy I found Studio Boss!! My first day, everyone was so welcoming , introducing themselves, and so nice. The owner / instructor Stacie Boss was attentive to everyone; checking in about proper form, encouraging everyone to work safe while working hard. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The workout SWAT is challenging and Stacy encouraged everyone to modify if needed. I was particularly impressed by Stacy’s emphasis on good form to prevent injury. I also took a Tabata class with DeAnn Mouser that was great! Again, very supportive of modifying if necessary (I have old joints!). A very special thank you to my sisters friend Debbie Martin who went out of her way to sign me up for classes and made it all happen! I am looking forward to my next visit and working out with everyone again!”

Abbriele : “Friendliest group of people I have ever met! All the ladies, instructors included, were so welcoming, helpful, and motivating. My first class there was a success and my entire body is sore today!”

April : “Since I started with Studio Boss in May, I have not only had weight loss, but increased energy, stamina, and overall increased flexibility and mobility. Studio Boss has become a Safe place for me to workout, without feeling judged, or sub par. Every week I am encouraged to push myself at my own speed, and every week I notice I have gone further than the week before. My only regret is not joining sooner.”

Kim : “Studio Boss is not just a place to get fit, it’s a family that encourages one another. The instructors are great! Hope to see you there😊”

Jane : “When I started with Studio Boss a month ago I couldn’t finish segments of the workout sessions, I couldn’t jump up off my feet and to do simple jumping jacks were exhausting. Last night all that CHANGED!!I punched to the left and when I usually stay planted before I punch to the right I JUMPED! Both feet left the ground! I’m so excited and thankful for the friendships and encouragement I have received being apart of Studio B.O.S.S. they have made a difference for me that NO GYM membership has ever done. I sleep better, I feel stronger, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be in 6 months with this kind of results in 1! Is it easy NO is it worth it YES!!”

Margaret : “I started with Stacie and Tabata Bootcamp last October (2015). I have exercised in one form or another most of my life, but I have never done anything like this class! It’s fun, different and hard work. The beauty is you do the best you can and just get better with each class! I have bad shoulders, some arthritis, a knee replacement and the other knee needs replacing, but I have built up more strength and endurance than ever before. I’m a work in progress , and if I can benefit, anyone can! The ladies are great, and we have a good time!”

Sharon : “Sometimes you have health problems that leave you with a new normal. Since I need to keep my heart rate down, I didn’t think it would be possible to even be in a n exercise class, much less Tabata. But, in Stacie’s Tabata Class, she can accommodate, not only me, but people in top physical shape. Stacie Encourages baby steps, whether it’s your weight or simply improving your eating habits for a healthier lifestyle. Because Stacie has given the occasional helpful hints in class, in our house, we have improved our choices with our eating habits, exercise and reading labels. Goodbye diet drinks and fried foods! #sevenyearscancerfree!”

Mandy: “VERY encouraging trainer! Love Stacie’s workouts. I’ve never had more success with my fitness and healthy lifestyle, as I’ve had since I started working with Stacie! Definable recommend to anyone wanting to get fit! No matter what shape, size or fitness level, she can help :)”

Holly: “I started the Tabata Bootcamp in September after being almost 18 months post-partum and hitting a plateau on losing the baby weight. I met my weight loss goal after the 8 weeks and lost 7 1/2 inches all over. I didn’t feel like I had terrible eating habits to begin with, but the videos really helped me to see where I could make healthier choices. Stacie checking my food diary and making suggestions was also very helpful. Another thing that helped me to succeed was the work-outs being assigned everyday so I didn’t have to think about how I was going to get exercise that day. All I had to worry about was fitting the assigned workouts into my daily routine. Stacie is really easy to work with and answered all my questions. I highly recommend the Tabata Bootcamp!”

Esme: “I started my journey towards better health in August of this year and am now in my third round of Tabata. My goal was not only to lose weight but to gain energy, eat better, be a better example for my family and above all else, work towards a healthier me to serve God better. So far, I have lost 10 pounds, 5 inches and gained lots more strength! I never thought I would actually see my body transform the way it has and my confidence increase with it! For so long, I thought having muscle definition was something that was unachievable. I see now that it is possible if I keep working at it day by day. Something else I love about this program is that the workouts are doable! Even when I did modified versions of an exercise, I still got results and still felt challenged enough to want to continue the next day. I didn’t have to spend an hour on the treadmill anymore and as a mommy of two littles, that was really important! My trainer, Stacie has also been absolutely essential in helping me on my journey. She has been prompt in answering all my questions along the way and encouraged me every day to do my very best. She has taken time to talk through every concern and has been there to give me perspective when I wasn’t feeling my best. I’m motivated more than ever to continue my journey and don’t plan to stop!”