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The BOSS Effect - FAQ’s

  •  What is the BOSS Effect?            

    •   The BOSS Effect is a group training program designed for maximum results.  It is comprehensive and cohesive in nature covering strength, flexibility, stability, cardio and core.  It includes monthly recipe packs, support, accountability and result tracking.

  •  Who is the BOSS Effect for? 

    •  It is designed for anyone who desires to live a healthy and fit life.  Our current clientele is comprised of 95% women ages 1976 with about 5 husbands who are also Studio Members.

  • How do I know if I am ready for The BOSS Effect?

    • If you have done any strength training in your life you will be just fine..  We are happy to give you a free assessment to see if you are ready for group training with the BOSS Effect. 

  • How often can I participate in The BOSS Effect?  

    • You can come to one session every day it is offered.  It is designed to be comprehensive and cohesive, but also to prevent over training and injury.

  • How do I book a session of the BOSS Effect? 

    •  You can book your sessions through our website or through the Wellness Living Achieve App.  Sessions are listed under the Sessions/Classes section of the app.

  • How far in advance do I have to book my sessions? 

    • To give you the best training possible, we require that you book 1 hour in advance to ensure you have a spot and so that we can better prepare.  However we encourage you to plan your week and book at least a week in advance.

  • Can I participate in the BOSS Effect Training sessions if I need to modify? 

    •  Yes, most definitely!  All of our personal trainers work hard to show modifications and progressions for those who need them.  Please make sure we have a signed waiver with any pre-existing conditions on it.

  • What is the cancellation policy?  

    • We require a 6 hour advanced cancellation for sessions. All late cancellations will trigger a $5 late cancel charge. We do our absolute best to work with emergency cancellations.

  • How long are the BOSS Effect Training Sessions?  

    • The sessions are designed to be 35  minutes in length.  

  • How often should I train? 

    •  For maximum results we suggest three training sessions a week.  Combined with a healthy diet you will feel and look better.

  • What time are the BOSS Effect group training sessions?

    • Click here for our current schedule.

  •  Why the BOSS Effect?  

    • We know how to get you results - this gives you the knowledge, effectiveness and progression of personal training but in a small group setting.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class and if at all possible book in advance so we can prepare accordingly.  Thank you, The Studio BOSS Team

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