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Pantry Staples


These are some of my favorite pieces of equipment <3

  • Figure 8 Bands in 3 resistance levels excellent for strength training when you don't have dumbbells

  • Adjustable Fabric Hip Bands - Won't roll - 3 different resistance levels and the ability to adjust the size of the circle.

  • Mini Squish ball - great for stretching and working out!

  • Manduka Pro or ProLite Mats - I couldn't live without this.  The density is great for your hands, excellent grip and a lifelong warranty

  • Gliding discs - very versatile!  Just pick hardwood or carpet

  • Bosu Ball - Stability, cardio, strength and so much more!

  • Fitness First Step/Bench.  So many uses!  Not your traditional step

  • Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells - Save space  - 15 sets of weights in 1!

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