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A message to all the men out there. Husbands, signifigant others.

🙍‍♂️Today I want to share with you something that in my humble opinion is vitally important.

SUPPORT. Support from your spouse - most specifically.

So today I'm speaking to all the husbands out there because most all of my clients are women.

Men. Husbands. Significant Others.

Do you want a happy wife?

I mean one who is happy on the inside?

If you answered yes, the answer is not to buy her gifts. I'm here to tell you that most every woman I've met in my adult years has the same inner struggle.

They don't feel good about themselves at all.

They lack self confidence.

They are tired and worn out.

They are depressed.

They feel like they are in a losing game that will never end.

While they may put on a smile and fix their hair and makeup and seem perfectly normal but on the inside they are struggling with all these things and more.

So what can you do? What is the answer?

Yes there is a balance, a fine line per se that you will have to walk. Here is how it usually goes.

Wife: " I feel fat"; I can't wear that anymore I'm going to have to go shopping"; I just can't keep up! I'm tired all the time and I never feel like I accomplish anything" I just want to feel good about myself again, get back to my pre- baby self (weight). "If I could just lose " X" I would feel great again!"

Husband: "Honey you look great!"; You just need a good night's rest; this too shall pass"; You don't need a to go anywhere to workout, you have a treadmill here at home."

Men. I get it. You don't want to insult your wife but I'm here to tell you from first hand experience that if you don't start taking her seriously and you don't support her desires to improve her health and fitness ( which plays a MAJOR role in how she feels about herself). Then she won't just magically become happier when the kids are at school, or they graduate etc.

If you want the wife that you married back, the one you fell in love with because of her self confidence and more then you have got to support her.

I mean real support.

Encourage. Give her the "time" and " opportunity" to get out and be with other women who are in the same place.

Watch her emerge from her shell. Become the woman you fell in love with. The woman you still love and adore but one who is happy, INSIDE! and feels great about herself.

I PROMISE YOU! It will change your LIFE! Your MARRIAGE and the dynamics of your family in a very positive way.

You know those trips you want to take? The ones to some exotic getaway with just you and your wife and no one else around?

Well they aren't going to happen until you help her. Until you give her the support she needs.

This is Derek and I before I started on my journey; as well as a current picture. Our lives have changed so much and so much for the BETTER! Our marriage while it was never bad, is AMAZING!

Here, well I was everything I described above. Unhappy with myself. low self esteem, battling all the fears of being good enough.

Now I enjoy planning trips for Derek and I to get away. I don't hide behind the camera or say no to outdoor activites.

No this isn't the only key. There is so much more to marriage, GOD, than what I am saying here today. However this is a very important component.

Love her in ways you didn't even know you could. LISTEN and really here her. See and understand her fears and struggles.

She needs you. She also needs others like her so she knows she isn't alone.

If this resonates with you in some way. Message me. I've lived this. I was this. There is help to be had.


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