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Check Your Baggage

Here’s a simple wish for you, me, and everybody: Let’s check our baggage from 2020 and move into the new year with a fresh outlook.

Now, I realize it’s been a horrible year, and I’m not trying to diminish any suffering or challenges or anxiety.

And I know that nothing magical happens just because it’s a new year.

But I also know that the symbolism of the calendar can be powerful. And regardless of what happens next in the world that’s beyond our control, we still can control our own thoughts and actions. We can focus on taking responsibility for ourselves. We can resist the temptation to carry over the negative experiences of the recent past into the near future.

I’m not just talking about Covid.

I’m talking about living in the moment as much as possible, and expressing gratitude, love and hope – rather than bitterness, hate and fear.

Come to think of it…that’s a nice thought for any new year!

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