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Hurt People - Hurt People

1️⃣ One thing I’ve learned in all of my life relationships – from family and friends to all of the clients I’ve coached is this…

😔Hurt people – Hurt people.😞

Let me explain…

🔹🔹🔹You know that time you were trying to drop some weight and your family members couldn’t stop trying to tempt to you or making comments about your new healthy habits?

🔸🔸🔸What about the time you had a huge accomplishment in your life only to have your close friend diminish it?

You see, the faulty mindset🧠 that so many people have is that if someone is doing well, it means you aren’t.

And that’s just not 🚫 true. Your best friend can have wild success, but it doesn’t mean you’re failing❗️

That’s just how we interpret things.

And so often you’ll find that the person or people on the seemingly “losing” side of a situation lash out.

Because when people are hurting or feeling less than, it’s common to want to bring down or hurt others.

👉👉👉So, the next time someone in your life isn’t supportive of you taking positive action toward goals, remember, it’s a reflection of how they’re feeling about themselves and it has nothing to do with you.

I’ve seen this interpersonal behavior impact my clients and throw them way off track on more than one occasion.

💜Understand what’s going on, empathize with them, and keep doing you.💜

I’d love for you to share if you’ve ever had an experience like this and if you now better understand it.

And if you are looking for a group of supportive people - on the same journey- with the same focus - join our Facebook Family Group - We would love to have you grow with us <3

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