• Stacie Boss

it’s ALL your CHOICE.

You probably know that living a healthy lifestyle is about long-term consistency, not workout trends or miracle diets.

But do you realize how each choice you make related to your health contributes to outcomes you’ll experience a week, month or year from now?

It’s the snowball effect of healthy living, and it can give you momentum to keep rolling toward your goals and beyond.

Remember what the reverse was like.

A late day at work on Friday led to a heavy dinner, then sleeping too late to work out on Saturday, getting behind on your errands all weekend so you’re stressed out going back to work Monday…

And on and on.

But when you make one good choice, and then another, and then another, they build on each other to get your where you want to go.

Follow your eating and exercise plan today

Sleep well tonight

Enjoy the weekend

Progress through your work projects

Reach your monthly weight goal or activity marker

Feel good about what you’ve done so far… And on and on.