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Here at Studio B.O.S.S. we specialize in helping women take back control and finally lose weight so they can live limitlessly with self confidence.

We have a small group training program that will help you gain self confidence, get your health back, stick to a program that yields results, stress less, feel better physically and emotionally and be your best YOU!

It works by giving you the support, motivation, and inspiration you need to improve your health, get lean and strong and elevate each aspect of your life.

Our program is different because we focus on all the pillars of fitness while nourishing relationships, building accountability and support as well as teaching you how easy it can be to create sustainable change in your life. Our clients have come back from depression to live happy and healthy lives, found confidence in themselves and created amazing friendships.

What we do works for three reasons:

1.  A Judgement Free Support System - You need the support that a group setting can offer you.  In a no judgement zone without the pressure to be like someone else but to just be loved for you and your accomplishments you will be able to maintain a great workout schedule and learn to love the process. 

2.  Professional Program Design - You need  the guidance to workout safely that will prevent overtraining and injury at the level you are on. Our programming will keep you on track to a healthy and fit life, able to do anything you wish with your children or grandchildren.  It will yield a HEALTHY life that will prevent medications and hospital visits that tend to multiply as we age and don’t take care of ourselves.

3.  Have a Real Fitness Family - When you are at Studio BOSS you will experience something you won’t find anywhere else.  We are truly a family.  You will find a welcoming environment that will make you feel completely at ease.  Making new friendships and finding those who are in the same place as you or have been there.  Trainers and other clients alike will give you the love and support you desire.

Here is what you should do click here to book a free discovery session with me where will discuss where you've been, what you are looking to achieve and how we can help you get there.

Be sure to book it now as I only have three spaces left on my calendar for the rest of the month and they are going to fill up fast.

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