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We've honed our skills to focus on what we do best, functional sustainable training for a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Introducing The BOSS Effect

What is it?

  • A comprehensive and cohesive small group personal training program designed for maximum results. 

  • Strength gains

  • Cardiovascular health,

  • Core training

  • Flexibility

  • Stability

  • And more!


  All rolled into a well planned package packed with nutrition tips and accountability as well as support, results tracking and more!

We've designed the BOSS Effect to give you the most well rounded training available. 


No more second guessing what you should be doing and when. 


With the BOSS Effect you can train five days a week without worrying if you are over training. 


All five NASM Personal Trainers working together to bring you the best group training around.  Modifications and progressions for all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Only 10 spots available in each group training session. 

Book your free consult with Stacie and let's get you back to feeling AMAZING again!

Hi, I'm Stacie...

I'm a homeschooling, mom of three and serial entrepreneur.

I love working with people and building lasting relationships.  

I'm an Alabamian at my roots but love the beautiful state of Tennessee I'm blessed to call my home.

I'm here to help you do just what I did.  

Get your life back.

Find Self Confidence!

Feel amazing again!

Have energy!

Sleep better!

Build muscle 

and soooo much more!

You can read all about my journey here


Signature Programming

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Book Online
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