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It's time to create a Functional Unlimited Empowered Lifestyle


  • Do you feel like you have tried everything to get healthy and feel great? 

  • You're always searching for the next thing that will get you there?

  • Do you stress over counting calories or macros?

  • Worry if you're eating too late or should eat before your workout?

  • What about Cheat Meals, heard of that term?

  • Do you struggle with knowing how to handle stress and emotional eating?

  • Do you feel like you know how to eat healthy but just can't seem to get it right?



We're here to teach you the "one size really does fit all method" in that we will educate you how to uncover what nutrition and a healthy lifestyle looks like and more specifically what works for YOU. We'll help you hone in on stress and emotional eating triggers as well as what to do when that happens. Digging deep mentally and emotionally as to what got us here, where we want to be and why and so much more.

It's time to focus on learning how to live and how to adjust as life changes and we age.

It's all about creating a healthy lifestyle by empowering YOU with knowledge.

*  Enrollment ends January 7th.*

2023 Special includes these amazing bonuses worth over $450!

  • A nutrition Consult & 3 follow up sessions with Certified Nutrition Coach Marlene Cowan

  • A Pantry Clean up session with Marlene or Stacie

What is FUEL

FUEL is an in person, 10 week program designed to give you tools that will help you create a lifestyle of health.  No more yo-yo dieting; no more stressing over what to buy at the grocery store; no more counting carbs or restrictive diets.  When life throws you a curve ball you will have the tools to tackle it!

FUEL Field Trip.jpeg

What's Included

  • A support system that will help you stay accountable during the program and create lifelong friendships

  • An eye opening revelation about grocery shopping, nutrition and what to eat. The world is your oyster!

  • 10 weeks in person support group 

  • Private Facebook Group

  • New resources and guides delivered weekly to support you

  • An accountability partner

  • Two coaches dedicated to helping you succeed and who are walking this journey right along with you.


January - March 2023

Meeting Dates


We meet on Sunday evenings at 6 pm unless 

there is a need to reschedule












FUEL Field Trip.jpeg
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