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How a homeschooling mom became her best self

Hey Y'all! 

My name is Stacie Boss, yes you read it right, my last name really is Boss.  I married into it  lol!

Here is my story:  How I went from being an overweight, incredibly self conscious, homeschooling mom to not only a personal trainer but spending my life helping others overcome exactly the same things I did.


That's me, age 22, on my wedding day.  I was in pretty good shape.  Young, in love, my husband, Derek, was pretty fit.  He loved to mountain bike, roller blade and play basketball.  

I on the other hand didn't mind working out but I wasn't really the outdoorsy type.  I was a true band geek!


Six years later,  I've got two little ones and I have put on 41 pounds with each pregnancy.  Been through two cesarean sections.and multiple bouts of kidney stones.

Here I am in a good friends wedding.  I was blessed to be their wedding singer.  That dress.  Love the color.  Hated the size, didn't feel good about myself in it.  This was before baby number three came along.

Fast forward 10 years, three kids and two moves later.  We're now in the south, down from Peoria, IL.  BTW did I mention I'm a southern belle?  I might have been born outside Chicago but from the age of 6 months on I lived in Alabama.

This dixie chick didn't care too much for the cold of Illinois!  

Anyway here we are in 2010.  I know, I may not look  " large" to you but I was a size 10 and for only being 5'2" I felt awful about myself.  My self esteem was in the pits.  I really didn't do much with our kids.  That was my hubby's area. 

5 - 2010.jpg
before and after.jpg

Finally in 2010 I decided I'd had enough.

I felt awful about myself.  I couldn't do much on the soccer fields with our kids.  

I was embarrassed in front of my husband and I just all around felt awful.  Inside, emotionally.  

I was struggling.

My wonderful husband thought I looked great.

I knew I needed change.

Hi, I'm Stacie...

I'm a homeschooling, mom of three and serial entrepreneur.

I love working with people and building lasting relationships.  

I'm an Alabamian at my roots but love the beautiful state of Tennessee I'm blessed to call my home.

I'm here to help you do just what I did.  

Get your life back.

Find Self Confidence!

Feel amazing again!

Have energy!

Sleep better!

Build muscle 

and soooo much more!

You can read all about my journey here


Enter Beachbody. You've probably heard of it.  P90X, Insanity,  21 Day Fix, etc.

All the programs you do at home.

I joined a 90 day challenge and dropped 17 inches and 10 pounds in 90 days.

It was so very hard.  I did it at home.  60 - 90 minutes a day with kids crawling all over me. I drank shakes for two meals and not much else for dinner.  I was juggling homeschooling three kids and an embroidery business I ran out of my home as well.

( I told you I was a serial entrepreneur, right?

But you know what????


I felt amazing again!  I felt sexy,  yes you heard me right.  I felt sexy again!  Attractive to my husband!  I was excited to shop.  My inner me was so very, very happy!


I did the whole MLM thing.  

I shared all about my transformation.  

The challenges.

The shakes.

The videos.

Then you know what happened?  

Everyone started asking me to HELP them!

Help?!  What do you mean HELP?  

I didn't know anything other than to get them to buy a program. 


I couldn't help anyone.

So 3.5 years after I started my journey I took the next plunge.

I signed up to become a National Academy of Sports Medicine ( NASM) Certified Personal Trainer.

I would say, the rest is history,  but that's not true.  So hang in there.....

the inbetween.jpg

A quick five and a half months after getting my CPT I also became a Tabata Bootcamp Trainer and started teaching at a local facility.

My classes started to grow and I was making wonderful relationships. 

I absolutely LOVED teaching!  Who knew?!

Unfortunately it wasn't very long before they were closing their doors.  

A CrossFit Gym came in and took over the space and they allowed me to keep teaching my classes.

However the fit just wasn't great and I by this point I had decided.....


A few of my clients worshipped locally and were able to help me get use of the gym at their church building to use while I saved up and planned for the Studio.

I had found a true love not only for teaching.  BUT I wanted other women to be able to do what I had done.

No I don't mean lose weight.


LOVE Themselves again!

Realize that you can be healthy with kids in the house.

Know that it is OKAY and NEEDED to make time for YOU!

and oh so much more!

Thus the Studio was born.

I was blessed to open the doors to our first location on September 13th of 2016.  

Since then we have grown.  Not just physically but emotionally.


I've grown in my relationships with my trainers ( FRIENDS!), my amazing clients ( FRIENDS!!!) my knowledge and even more so my love to continue sharing this journey with others.

The picture to your right is me on my 41st birthday.  over 9 years after making the decision to change my life and so much better for it.  

I've maintained my weight - fluctuating within 5 pounds over the years.  I recently went off both dairy and gluten for health reasons.

Many other things happened along the way

  • I became a Master Trainer for Tabata Bootcamp 

  • I became a Women's Fitness Specialist

  • Small Group Training Specialist

  • Behavioral Change Specialist

  • and more.....


  But mostly  I have created amazing relationships and have helped women find themselves again and at the end of the day, next to being a Christian, striving to be a good wife and mother,  THIS brings me JOY.


So,  If you're where I was.  Send me a message, reach out, book a free consult with me.  I understand your pain, your frustration, the hurt.  I'm here for you.


Meet the Trainers

Stacie Boss
Trainer & Health Coach


National Academy of Sports Medicine:

Personal Trainer since 2014,

Group Personal Training Specialist,

Women's Fitness Specialist 

Behavioral Change Specialist

Helen Timberlake 

National Academy of Sports Medicine:

Personal Trainer  

NASM Stretching & Flexibility Coach

Bridget Fairfield
Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Neuromusclular, Deep Tissue,


IASTYM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Functional Movement Taping

Kim Bell
Trainer  & Nutrition Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine:

Personal Trainer

Certified  Nutrition Coach

Certified PiYo Instructor

Certified TurboKick Instructor

Tanya Jones
Trainer & Nutrition Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine:

Personal Trainer  

Certified Nutrition Coach

Marlene Cowan
Trainer & Nutrition Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine:

Personal Trainer  

Certified Nutrition Coach

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