• Stacie Boss

Crazy Times

We are living in some crazy times right now.

None of us have ever seen such extreme action taken to combat a disease in our lifetimes.

What started as this thing we just heard about on the other side of the world has become something that’s affecting every single one of us.

You might already be wondering how we’re going to be handling things here at Studio BOSS for those who are self-quarantining or if we enter a period of lockdown.

And I want you to know what we’re doing now and what the plan is should those things happen.

To start, I want you to know that we are taking EVERY precaution possible inside of our facility to keep things super clean and keep germs at bay.

We are requesting that you wash your hands before and after workouts (or use the wipes we have available) in addition to thoroughly cleaning all of your equipment.

On top of that, we are cleaning every surface each night as well.

We also want to address concerns over what to do if you end up needing to self-quarantine, if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the gym, or if our zone goes into lockdown.

I’m happy to announce that we are working towards getting you bodyweight workouts you can do at home regardless of what happens.

That’s right! You’ll be able to complete your workouts from the safety of your home so you don’t miss a beat and get off track with your health and fitness.

After all, your fitness routine is a huge part of what keeps your immune system strong, so putting it on the back burner is just not an option!

We are planning to take care of you through this 100%.

I’d also like to address the issue of memberships.

Because our intention is to keep programming your workouts and coaching you, albeit possibly remotely, there is no need for membership holds.

This isn’t because we’re unsympathetic to the situation we’re all facing – we 100% are. First, you can keep working with us, so a hold shouldn’t be necessary.