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Of all the emotions I’ve felt throughout my life, the only one I really regret is fear. Well, no. I don’t regret feeling fear, necessarily. Fear can be helpful in certain situations – like when danger occurs and triggers your “flight or fight” mechanism.

So, I should say that I regret those times when I let fear of the unknown stop me from taking powerful action. Here are some hypothetical examples of what I’m talking about.

Maybe you had a job offer that seemed enticing, but some risky element kept you in an unfulfilling (but safe) situation.

Have you been afraid to drop an old habit because you thought you would fail?

Have you ever wanted to start exercising but were too afraid of how it might feel walking into a strange gym for the first time?

I used to make those decisions too often. And then I looked closer and found that sometimes my fear had actually been just anxiety or uncertainty. And I looked at friends who had succeeded despite their similar worries. You know, courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s acknowledging the fear and doing the right thing anyway.

So, what are you afraid of that’s holding you back?

Make a rational decision based on probable outcomes.

Ask what’s the worst that can happen, and if you’d be OK with it.

Fully imagine what success will look like, taste like, sound like, and feel like.

Accept the fear or dismantle it – but BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and there’s nothing you can’t do.


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