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🔑It's not about you🔑

People want to make changes and get healthy all of the time.

They lose weight only to regain it.

They fail to start Monday after Monday. They end up sick because they said “tomorrow” too many times. Whether it’s giving into cravings/temptation, being too mentally exhausted by the end of the day to exercise, or you really struggle with things like food addictions or emotional eating, there are plenty of reasons people struggle with getting healthy. At the end of the day, you have to remember this: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. Well, of course, it’s your health, so in part, it is. But who else does your health affect? Your spouse, kids, or grandkids? Your co-workers? Your friends? Your health affects everyone in your life. What are the consequences those people in your life would face if something happened to you…something that was preventable by focusing on improving health? Motivation is such a fleeting thing. Often, it’s something you have to create for yourself. If you’re struggling to make the choices you know are critical for your health, think of the people you’re making them for. I hope that does the trick. ☺ If you're ready to make changes book a free consult with me here


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